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«Artclima» Company offers climatic equipments from world leading manufacturers, such as Ferroli, BOSCH, Buderus, SunSystem, Robur, Radiatori 2000, Motan, WILO  and many others. On the website you can also find wide range of information about the equipments that we provide for heating, conditioning and ventilation systems, also for water and electric supplies. The products, provided by «Artclima» Company, correspond to the highest technological standards, have perfect design and high quality.


Motan Start Wall Hung Gas Fired boilers

Wall hung gas boiler Motan Start is modern thermal device working on natural gas, intended for heating premises and preparation of warm technical water.


HELYOS Aluminium Radiators

Projected and produced by Radiatori 2000 Spa. model Helyos is going up to vanguard technologies in order to grant the maximum thermal performance and a sensible saving of operating costs. Die-cast aluminium raditor, available wheelbases 350, 500, 600, 700, 800 mm. modern and round shape easily adaptable to any milieu, also going towards the most exigent requests.



The further regular functioning of complex heating system equipments depends on the professionalism and properly planned operations of installers and engineers. Only high-skilled mounting specialists work in «Artclima» Company. The company’s mounting group is engaged in equipping objects of any complexity (heating system, water supply, conditioning, ventilation) from working in cottages to large industrial objects.



«Artclima» Company offers climatic equipment from leading world manufacturers, such as Ferroli, BOSCH, Buderus, SunSystem, Robur, Motan,  Biasi, Radiatori 2000, WILO  and many others, the productions of which are verified through time and answer the highest standards. The company offers a large assortment of equipments for heating system, cooling, water supply and ventilation in public, social and industrial premises. Presented products include wall gas-fired boilers, floor gas-fired boilers, gas-fired heaters, cast-iron, steel, aluminum radiators, conditioners, chillers, fan coils, polypropylene pipes and exhaust installations.